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717-Lena in Antibes

Growing up in Sweden in the 70s, we didn’t have much. The TV had 2 channels, showing one movie a week. Free time allowed us children to be very creative and outdoor exploration was always on the agenda. Nature still plays a huge role in my life. Now living in Zürich so close to the Alps I hike and ski as often as nature lets me.

I am happily married and we are proud parents of three amazing daughters. My biggest passions (except for coaching, of course!) are movies, photography and music. I sing on stage, in the car and in the shower. I am fortunate to have lived in different places including Sweden, Switzerland, New York City and Barcelona.

I am a very curious, compassionate, creative, energetic and highly motivated person.

My passion for simplifying and organising started already in my childhood. Growing up with five family members, and far too many things in a small apartment, we lived in a total mess. With all the clutter that surrounded us, I always felt stressed and anxious. My own room, however, I could keep clean and organized. Back then, as well as today, I found comfort in structure surrounding me. My creative and “bubbly” mind definitely needs some order to hang onto. Becoming a simplifier and minimalist has changed my life in so many ways. It has to do a lot with honouring my value of freedom.

I have a great interest in people, their cultures, languages and traditions. I coach in English, Swedish as well as in German. We can meet in person in my office in Zürich’s beautiful Old Town, even though I also love coaching outside, at the lake or in the woods. Coaching can of course also be done easily by phone & Zoom (or any other video media) in a convenient way.

I hold the CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and the ACC (Associate Certified Coach) qualifications, which are recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading coaching accrediting body. I am a graduate from the powerful and experiential Co-Active Leadership Program (10 months). I have, amongst other things, studied art, photography and literature. Life has taken me on a long, fabulous zigzag journey to where I am today.

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