jungle /ˈdʒʌŋɡ(ə)l/ – noun

  • a confused or disordered mass of objects
  • something that frustrates by its tangled or complex character

So, is this Simplifying idea just another expression for getting rid of your stuff at home? No, absolutely not. Clearing out the excessive things from your home is part of the process. But simplifying is more about becoming mindful and intentional of how you choose to live your life. We could also call it Mind Clean-Up, Burnout Prevention, Shame Sanitation or any other expression that suits you.

It’s important to have a vision of what a simplified life-style would mean to you. As Simplifiers, we focus on what we gain, by letting go of unnecessary things.

Physical clutter leads to mental clutter, which generates a traffic jam in our minds. When you free up space around you, you’ll find more time, energy, clarity and focus. Taking charge of your life has many benefits. Some mental and physical examples of clutter that can hijack our minds are:

Working on these things will help you reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, stop feeling overwhelmed, find more focus and get a lot of new energy and peace into your lives. The list can go on forever. Oh yes, saving money should be added to the list… as well as letting go of shame.

Simplifying does not mean that you should own nothing; it means that nothing should own you.

I am a passionate simplifier and organiser. As a Simplifying Coach, I always start with the “WHY” before jumping to the “HOW”. What’s your strongest “WHY” for wanting to go on this cleansing journey?

We have to change our habits and understand that the road to fulfillment doesn’t lie in accumulating more stuff. It is about finding a greater meaning, a purpose… and the environment is thankful for any help it can get from us.

When you clear out the unnecessary items and activities from your life and start changing your habits, something unexpected happens. You’ll feel motivated doing what you’ve set out to do. No distractions.

The free mind needs open flow to become creative, resourceful and whole. If you spend valuable time looking for “lost items” and car keys, simplifying is definitely for you.

Are you ready to start taking charge of your life?

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