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“Lena is an empowering and energetic coach who is excellent at calling forth your fully expressed self. She has an innate ability to speak truth courageously and kindly and this enables you to free yourself from your old stories and to step into your confidence and power. As a direct result of being coached by Lena, I found new opportunities open up in my life and I cleared space in my life to let in the new and exciting.” Sam A. – Switzerland

“Lena, you inspire me to keep digging for more truth. Such fun woman to be around, and all in all amazing! I’m wishing you that your simplicity principles will dominate the world! And that you’ll continue to live in deep meaning and passion!” Yaara S. – Switzerland

“I have been working with Lena for a few months now, and seeing her is one of my favorite parts of the week. She is really able to put some order into the way my mind works, and I always get out of our sessions feeling like a lot more things make sense. Her fun, loving ways can always seep through the things I really don’t want to say and make art out of them.” Giulia V. – Italy

“During the time I worked with Lena, she helped me build my confidence and think of more creative ways to tackle any issues I was facing. Just after a few sessions, I began to find my inner calm and strength that I didn’t even know I had. I now feel less trapped in my own negative thoughts and understand how to deal with them. Many sessions began with problems and only ended in positivity and laughter”. Jemina M. – United Kingdom

Lena is so much fun.  I always leave our coaching sessions with a smile on my face.  She is authentic and genuinely cares for her client’s progress.  I was matched with Lena through the Circle of Coaches program and what a treat! She has encouraged me to explore my multi-faceted life powerfully, even some areas I would rather not have explored.  I love her abundance mentality…she is never ever in a hurry during sessions.  Never watching the clock.  Just wanting me to grow and gain value!” Anne N. – Kenya

“With Lena you can expect and experience very high levels of energy. She very naturally rubs that in you. Her effortless conversation makes you feel you are in a chat with a friend rather than in conversation with a coach. She is upfront with you and brutal in challenging you, and this helps you find your very own energy and confidence. She has a great sense of humour and you will never come out of a session without laughing your heart out. With Lena you will get to know yourselves better, find the true confidence, strength and determination in you, to go achieve that what you want to.” Suresh R. – India

“When I started coaching with Lena, I did not know at all what to expect. After a few minutes with Lena, I felt relaxed, calm and could fully focus on her creative visualizations. Back then I was depressed, unemployed and looking for a purpose. After a few weeks of being coached, I had two job interviews and got the job I really wanted. I recommend Lena to everyone who is interested in change. In any field. She is incredible at was she does.” Martina J. – Switzerland

“Lena is a Rockstar of a coach! She is funny, fun and has sharp intuition.
She helped me get new perspectives on the normal anxieties of every-day life.
She helped me to see that the big boulders that I thought were blocking me were just small pebbles, something that has stuck with me.” Kristy L. – Sweden

“I can tell in one word how Lena and her coaching is: FANTASTIC! Lena is a focused and goal-oriented coach who knows how to use seriousness as well as playfulness in her coaching. She is a coach who dares to challenge you in order to make life easier, so you can achieve your goals. Working with her has had a huge impact on me. I found new perspectives on situations I thought were unsolvable and created strategies on how to handle them. However, and most importantly, I gained self-confidence and learned to stand up for myself – which makes life much easier. I recommend Lena as a coach to everyone who feels stuck in a messy, complicated place and who wants to find a way to simplify their life.” Andrea R. – Switzerland

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