It's a jungle out there!

Are you tired of being stuck, overwhelmed and unhappy? Do you want to get out of the rat race and find peace of mind? When you free up space around you, you’ll find more joy, time, energy, clarity and confidence. You deserve to be in charge of the life you desire! Connect with me for a friendly jungle chat.


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Hi, my name is Lena Victoria. I am a Simplifier, who is full of energy, curiosity and lust for life.

“It’s Monday morning, let’s have some fun”! Why wait until Friday afternoon… or until next year?

My core values guide me through my life; Freedom, Fun, Ease, Honesty, Simplicity and Respect. That is, respect for one another AND for our planet.

And even when I talk about lightness, ease and fun, I don’t mean that we won’t go deep into our coaching together. No, no, we dig as deep as we must for you to grow, so we can send you on your way towards your life purpose, goals, freedom and your own happiness.

As a Simplifying Coach, my Life Purpose Statement is: “I am the Simplifier, who wants you to have more.”  

  • more joy
  • more freedom
  • more peace of mind
  • more happiness
  • more time for yourself and loved ones
  • more money (if that’s your wish…)
  • more confidence

Simply, more of the life you want, and less of feeling stuck or unhappy. We all get stuck and face doubts, fears and indecisions on our life path. When we get tangled up like this, life becomes more of a desperation than an inspiration. A tiny problem quickly transforms into a huge wall, too high to climb over. We might not be able to shrink the wall… but we can grow YOU, so you can just hop over it.

So, why choose Jungle Coaching?  Because it’s a jungle out there!

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