It's a jungle out there!

Are you ready to go on this coaching journey with me?


Welcome to the jungle!476-Lena BW crop

Hi, I am Lena Victoria: Certified Professional Life Coach, Simplifier and curious life explorer.

I like to compare our minds to the jungle: grand in its uniqueness and incredible in its complexity. It can be a beautiful place where tranquility, buzzing energy and fresh air co-exist. Even so, it can also be a dangerous, dark, loud and unpredictable place. A place in which we don’t want to get stuck. When we feel secure in the jungle, it’s a fascinating place to be.

There are no obvious trails in the jungle. Let’s have fun creating the path forward in your own personal jungle – your path to purpose and a simplified, more fulfilled life.

We all get stuck and face doubts, fears and indecisions on our life path. When we get tangled up in these issues, life can become a struggle. It becomes more of a desperation than an inspiration. A small problem quickly transforms into a huge wall, too high to climb over. We might not be able to shrink the wall… but we can grow YOU, so you can just hop over it.

So, why choose Jungle Coaching?  Because it’s a jungle out there!

5295-Crocodile crop

Graduate from the

CTI Leadership Program

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