The Train has now Reached the Station

I breathe in, I breathe out

In short puffs of cold air

I close my eyes and I’m drifting

The mindful thoughts let me be so aware

I feel the energy shifting

Shallow breath, diving deep

It is calm, it is smooth

I hear the lungs, feel the blessing

In this calm darkness, I can see the truth

Make it real, slow it down, stop the stressing

Now I’m off, on my way

Going into the dream

My eyes still closed and I’m flying

I feel proud and I’m sailing with great self esteem

A tear on my cheek, am I crying?

I breath in, I breath out

In deep gifts of pure air

My eyes are closed, I am soaring

The mindful thoughts let me be without care

In this Mindfulness we’re exploring

Life goes fast, life goes slow

In this concept of time

The train has now reached the station

I start to wake up, I can hear the bell chime

In Kristy’s and Lynne’s meditation

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