The Queen with the Crown

The Queen with the Crown

You sailed in like a Queen, your crown on your head

A Diva on a mission, so eager to spread

Born with the power; it was all in your blood

You were born to rule, it was here, real and now

How could this happen, we were drowned by the flood

We had thousands of questions, the answers in our blood

You came from nothing, within a bat of an eye

you raised to stardom, so needy and sly

You were all over the news and talked to the press

Controversial, beautiful, powerful and fearless

You ruled our lives with your iron fist

No love was allowed, not even a kiss

We panicked, felt doubt, a global angst

Who could we trust in this asocial dance?

Like a director you dictated the stage

and ignored our cries, kept us in the cage

We lost our jobs, the kids weren’t schooled

You said shut up, objection overruled!

You took our money, our main source for life

the people we loved was poked by your knife

We hated, we feared you and strangely adored you

We endured in our prisons, familiar Un-Known view

Confusion with faith took over each pore

We spoke to the alien, the nameless next door

We saw the new alien with open new eyes

We opened our hearts for love and advice

We waited and lingered, the pace brake was pulled

We inhaled, we exhaled and felt a new WHOLE

We stare at the dolphins who play in the sea

The birds who are coming to sing in the tree

We see little rabbits invading the streets

In this Normal New we have the front seats

You taught us, you warned us you hit us and twirled

Now let us go back to a better, clean world

Where people take care, and where nature is seen

Thank you for opening my eyes, mean old Queen

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