Closed for renovation

What does this sign tell you? It could be annoying if this were a place you go to regularly: A restaurant, a hard ware store or your hairdresser. WHAT, closed for a month?! Are they kidding me?! They are going to lose all their customers, for sure! Why would they do that to themselves or us?

Well, maybe the shop needs to do some plumbing of fix broken things. Maybe it’s just to make things a bit better for the customers. Maybe they have to find the leak and dig into the floor. Or they just want to paint the walls and update the interior.

Today I decided to close “my shop” for a few weeks. I decided to call it a “brain renovation”. Very often I run around like a dizzy chicken, saying YES to everything that is offered. I don’t want to miss out, also known as FOMO!

Suddenly nothing is fun, because all the combined fun is just too much.

  • I am über-social and want to be part of every event, talk and seminar on the market. On-line as well as in person.
  • I indulge myself in art, music and cultural events and go to all the concerts I can possibly fit into my schedule.
  • I join clubs to be part of something bigger: Book clubs, Art clubs, Hiking clubs, Discussion rounds, Museum clubs, Yoga clubs, Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups, Tribes, Pods etc. …. on and on it goes. Faster and faster until I can’t think straight anymore. So much fun, right?
  • I run workshops and go on journeys (both imaginary and real ones) with my clients, families and friends.
  • I want to help people in need, animals in need, show up at charities, work hard to help the jungle, the bees & the oceans. All gratifying stuff…

And, now I will close “my shop” for renovation. First, I will clear out everything from the imaginary shelves. Then I will tidy the shop and paint the walls in new, bright colors. After that I might put my ideas and concepts back on the shelves in a beautiful order, not as cluttered as it was prior to the renovation. This time there will be no place for tired and outdated things, only the important stuff that adds value for greater purpose.

I will open my shop again in one month if it’s ready. With new oomph, new lightness, new energy, and more fun. I will make sure to be there 110% for my customers.

How can you get energized and find greater purpose by clearing out the clutter from your business?

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