The red brick Procrastination Wall

In a coaching session, I found myself literary hitting a wall. I was standing in front of that wall for 10 minutes, my nose touching the cold red bricks. I had the idea that my dreams and goals were on the other side. The wall was irritably long and too high to even consider climbing over.

The wall didn’t shrink. I didn’t grow.

After a while I got bored and sat down on the grass with my back to the wall. The grass was still wet from morning dew and I was just hanging there for 20 laid-back minutes. The coach didn’t say much during this time and I was very thankful for the quiet guidance. It’s that thing that happens to you when “nothing happens”…

After 20 minutes I felt very calm. Even inspired and a bit euphoric. Maybe I didn’t have to chase after the dream on the other side of the wall? What if I already sat on “the other side”. What if I were hugging the dream? Maybe I had just turned my back to the Procrastination Wall to face my dreams?

Maybe I just had to sit there and do nothing? Doing nothing is not procrastination. It’s actively choosing to Do Nothing. Freeing up space, slowing down, taking my time so I can approach the dream and not rush past it. The wall is there to scratch my back and support me.

Which wall are you blaming for standing between you and your dreams?

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