The Blue Ball

In a coaching session today I was holding this blue imaginary Pilates ball in my hands. It reminded me of who I am when I live life to the fullest:

I am strong and resilient. I will always bounce back after falling down. I can be thrown around in all crazy directions and I always land pretty much with both feet on the ground.

You can point at me, poke me or even push me down and I will always get back into my shape and core beliefs.

I am minimalistic and simple. The simplest of forms. One color, one shape…and so much more!

I am fun and I am bouncy. I take life’s hard turns with “en nypa salt” (a grain of salt; with healthy skepticism).

I resent boredom! I want to live NOW!

I need to be filled with oxygen to work well, and when I deflate, I need some inspiring help to fill me up again.

I want to run, bounce, be a little crazy and always land straight back onto this beautiful planet.

When do you feel like you live your life to the fullest?

1 thought on “The Blue Ball

  1. i love your metaphor! it is an awesome reminder that we are all resilient beyond measure. =D


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